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The great migration

Even though we are living in Kenya now and the great migration in the Masai Mara is about to get started, wildebeest do not feature in this particular blog.

We are talking about the great migration of our blog ‘Lost & Found Adventures’ which now has a whole new look. It reflects the current situation a bit better as we are no longer ‘on our way’ on the trip of our lifetime… (but all the information and our stories from that epic trip are still here to be enjoyed, see below on how to find them now).

This new format allows you to easily find posts about the topics you are interested in. Just click on the menu option ‘stuff we enjoy’ (menu on the left) and the options become visible. Once you have clicked on a menu, the images on the right will show the relevant posts. If you hover your mouse above the image it shows the title of the post and when you click on it, it will open the post so you can read it.

the new look of the blog, the mouse is hovering over the Tanzania & Zanzibar post (in orange), showing the title and start of the blog instead of the image

the new look of the blog, the mouse is hovering over the Tanzania & Zanzibar post (in orange), showing the title and start of the blog instead of the image

The menu option ‘blog’ shows ALL of our posts in chronological order.

Any menu option with a + behind it, has a drop-down menu underneath it that will show when you click on the menu item. If you click on the menu item with a + again you can also use it as a filter. For example clicking on Africa once will open the menu showing Kenya, Tanzania, etc. You can then select one of the individual countries or click on Africa again to show all posts about any country in Africa, showing posts of Kenya, Tanzania, etc in their chronological order.


You should continue to receive an email automatically every time we post something new on our ‘Lost & Found Adventures’ blog. Please make sure you add your name to the ‘Follow us’ section underneath the menu if you no longer receive the emails!

If you were previously following our blog in your WordPress reader, that is no longer possible and you’ll also need to add your email address to the ‘Follow us’ section on the new blog to automatically receive an email when we post something new (approximately once every 2 weeks). Go to to see the new blog and add your email to ‘Follow us’ there.

We hope you will continue to enjoy following our adventures, mostly here in Africa now, and who knows, we might one day do another overland trip again… (we are after all located on a huge continent very suitable for a big overland trip…)

Looking for information about our big overland trip from Malaysia to Europe?

Are you, for example, looking for information on the planning phase of our big overland trip from Kuala Lumpur to London, select ‘overlanding‘ and then ‘planning & preparation‘. Or if you want to read all our information about each country we drove through, select ‘overlanding‘ and then ‘countries‘. Look at the individual country or click on ‘country info‘ where all the countries we drove through are listed. This includes information on border crossings, fuel, sim cards, food, road quality, etc.

How to find stories about a specific topic

If you are more interested in which races we have done, go to ‘events and races‘ and click on the type of event you are interested in (for example ‘adventure racing‘ or ‘cycling‘).

Our holidays and bigger trips can all be found under ‘holidays & expeditions‘.

And of course we have created a category ‘Africa‘ where you can read about our current adventures… or select ‘fun in Australia‘ if you prefer to read about the things we have done whilst living in Oz all those years!