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Dates, not of the eating variety but the calendar ones, for our trip

Already promised we would post these a while back. As you can imagine, these dates are a rough guide. They are the dates we are basing our visas on (although we will try to make these overlap as much as we can). Obviously if we are meeting up with you we will make sure we are there on that date!

  • Malaysia – end of Feb until 8 March (depending on shipping date and arrival of cars in KL)
  • Thailand – 8 March until 28 March
  • Cambodia – 28 March until 17 April
  • Laos – 17 April until 7 May
  • China – 7 May until 28 June
  • Mongolia – 28 June until 5 July
  • Russia (Lake Baikal area) – 5 July until 12 July
  • Mongolia – 12 July until 2 August
  • Russia – 2 August until 9 August
  • Kazakhstan – 9 August until 29 August
  • Kyrgyzstan – 29 August until 18 September
  • Tajikistan – 18 September until 8 October
  • Uzbekistan – 8 October until 28 October
  • Turkmenistan – 28 October until 4 November
  • Iran – 4 November until 18 November
  • Turkey – 18 November until 2 December
  • Greece – 2 December until ???
  • Adriatic Coast – ???
  • via Italy and South of France up to The Netherlands and the UK – this will be done relatively quickly from the moment we leave the Adriatic Coast.

As we can’t organise our visas for Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran before we leave these dates might stretch a bit (as we don’t need to organise a visa before arrival in Turkey). We might also have to use one of our alternate routes if we can’t get a visa for Iran so that end of the trip is slightly less certain on dates.

We’d love to see you on our trip somewhere, but keep in mind we don’t have a spare seat in the car! You’ll have to be independent in terms of transport – rent a car or motorbike perhaps? 🙂 Itineraries within each country are still completely open to suggestions as we won’t be planning much (read nothing at all) before we leave!